The Metaverse Summit USA Agenda

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  • Conference Day 1 - Wednesday, September 28th
Conference Day 1 - Wednesday, September 28th
8:00AM PT

Registration, Breakfast and Networking

9:00AM PT

Chair’s Opening Remarks and Setting the Scene

Izzy Neis, Head of Digital, ModSquad

9:10AM PT

Keynote Panel Discussion with Open Q&AWhat is and what isn’t the Metaverse?

Join this opening session to distinguish facts from fiction, and truly define what the metaverse is, and more importantly, what it isn’t. Thought-leaders from across multiple sectors will address the most important obstacles we have to overcome to make this vision a reality, and set the stage for the crucial conversations taking place at The Metaverse Summit USA.

Dirk Lueth,Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Upland

Tommaso Di Bartolo, Serial Entrepreneur, Startup Investor, Author, Advisor, and Faculty, University of California Berkeley

10:00AM PT

Morning Refreshments & Extended Networking Session 1

Grab a coffee and start mixing with the metaverse who’s who with an opening speed networking session. The aim of the game is quantity – meet as many people as you can during this session and set up time later in the event to engage in deeper conversations. The aim of this session is to walk away with at least 10 new business cards and connections.

Step Into the Metaverse

11:00AM PT

Presentation – Step into the Metaverse with Somnium Space

This session by Artur Sychov will be delivered in the Somnium Space metaverse. Take a look at what a metaverse is actually about – discuss what technologies are involved and different NFTs and their integrations. Explore what is currently being created in Somnium Space (including games, parties, meetings, cinemas, fashion shows and art galleries), plus the future of jobs and opportunities that the metaverse brings. This is your chance to learn live from the metaverse!

Artur Sychov, CEO & Founder, Somnium Space

11:30AM PT

Fireside Chat with Q&A – Founding Manticore Games

Frederic Descamps, CEO & Co-founder, Manticore Games

Moderated by: Mattie Fairchild, Senior Director of Crypto Marketing & DevRel, Manticore Games

12:00PM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – Brand Involvement in the Metaverse & The Future of E-Commerce

With a huge number of household names getting involved in the metaverse, what is all this hype about? Here’s your chance to learn what’s what – discover the opportunity to tap into new revenue streams, increase profit margins, reach new audiences and strengthen existing customer relationships, plus explore how the metaverse will reshape e-commerce as we know it.


Joel Ponce, Director of Sales, Paramount

Arun Pandey, Chairman & MD, Rhiti Group

Moderated by: Juan Felipe Campos, Partnerships, Upland

12:45PM PT

Lunch & Product Demos

During lunch, the product demo floor will open, and remain available throughout the day – this is your chance to physically and tangibly experience the metaverse.

2:00PM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – The Future of Fashion, Identity & Expression

For hundreds of years, fashion has been at the very heart of identity and expression, and in the metaverse it will be no exception. Discuss the brands, NFTs and events making waves on the virtual catwalk, the role of cryptocurrency and blockchain for IP and ownership, and take a look at the future of fashion in both the physical and virtual realms.

Nico Fara, Founder & CEO/Founder & Leader, Chief Metaverse Officer/The Fashion DAO

Maura Welch, VP of Marketing, Together Labs

Building the Metaverse

2:45PM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A  -Building Communities and the Creator Economy

Discuss the content needed to drive audiences to the metaverse, how to build engaged communities and the importance of the creator economy in building the metaverse.

Jungsuk Jay Lee, CEO, NAVER Z USA (ZEPETO)

Alexander Jorias, Co-Founder & CEO, Club Cooee

Jamie Burgess, Head of Business Development, AmazeVR

Shannon McNamara, Head of Community, IMVU

Moderated by: Danny Greene, Meebits Brand Lead, Yuga Labs

3:30PM PT

Afternoon Refreshments & Extended Networking Session 2

4:15PM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – What Key Tech Advancements Will Define the Metaverse?

Major technological challenges still stand in the way of the metaverse truly becoming a reality, thus key advancements are crucial – both to support the metaverse, enable access and encourage mass adoption. Join thought-leaders pushing tech to its limits to what is truly needed to enable the metaverse.

Jason Gholston, Senior Director, Platform & Ecosystem Product Marketing, Magic Leap

Jaime Bosch, CEO & Co-founder, Voicemod

Gabriella Kusz, CEO, Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association

Paco Suro, General Manager, Global Partner Payments, Tipalti

Moderated by: Inga Petryaevskaya, Founder & CEO, ShapesXR

5:00PM PT

Shark Tank – The Next Biggest Name in the Metaverse: Could It Be You?

Present your pitch to the biggest names in metaverse investments and partnerships.

Part 1: Panel Discussion – How Are You Evaluating the Metaverse and What Would It Take for You to Invest?

Part 2: 4 Start-Up Pitches followed by Q&A


Kristina Serafim, Managing Director, Verizon Ventures

Paul Hsu, Founder & CEO, Decasonic

Amy LaMeyer, Managing Partner, WXR Fund

Moderated by: James Paul, Head of Community | Venture Partner, Jadu | Hartmann Capital

6:30PM PT

End of Day 1


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  • Conference Day 2 - Thursday, September 29th
Conference Day 2 - Thursday, September 29th
8:00AM PT

Breakfast and Networking

9:00AM PT

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Maura Welch, VP of Marketing, Together Labs

9:10AM PT

Keynote Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – What Does Our Future Look Like?

Will the metaverse ever be part of daily life? Explore the future of the metaverse and how our lessons learned from social media, the pandemic and web 2.0 inform our predictions of the future. Discuss some of the most unlikely applications of the metaverse, and what the future could look like with the metaverse leading our personal and professional lives.

Brody Mulderig, Executive Director – Financial Technology Coverage, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Aurélien Scagnolari, Director of Partnerships, U-Topia Metaverse

Inga Petryaevskaya, Founder & CEO, ShapesXR

9:55AM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – A Whole New World of Entertainment

One of the most tangible examples of the metaverse are the applications for entertainment: virtual concerts, immersive storytelling – the options for brands to provide greater experiences for fans is endless. Join the top companies representing key perspectives in entertainment to discuss the future of recreation and what it means to be an entertainer in the metaverse.

Paul Joffe, COO, Pixelynx

Christina Heller, CEO, Metastage

Mathieu Nouzareth, CEO, The Sandbox US

Joanna Popper, Chief Metaverse Officer, Creative Artists Agency

Moderated by: Danny Greene, Meebits Brand Lead, Yuga Labs


10:40AM PT

Morning Refreshments

11:30AM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – Work & the Eduverse

After the revolutionary success of technologies like Zoom during the pandemic, it’s no wonder that the metaverse is rapidly being developed and utilized in education and the workplace. Bringing together companies developing work and learning solutions, plus internal champions pioneering the metaverse within top organizations, this panel will explore current case studies and future hopes for work and education.

Chris Chin, VP of Immersive Technologies (XR/VR/AR & Training), Axon

Jesse Lubinsky, Education Evangelist, Adobe

Vadim Polikov, CEO, Legends of Learning

John Haddick, CTO of Think Reality, Lenovo

Michael Torres, SpaceVerse™  Architect & Chief of Ent. IT, Chief Technology and Innovation Office, United States Space Force

12:15PM PT

Panel Discussion with Open Q&A – Partnerships, Collaborations & Organizations – How Can We Accelerate Our Future in the Metaverse?

Partnerships, collaborations, and the commitment of key organizations will undoubtedly be pivotal to the success of the metaverse – so how do we do this right? Explore the internal challenges facing all-sized organizations when starting their metaverse journey, and the next steps in operationalizing the metaverse. Discuss how key stakeholders can partner together to create efficient, effective and meaningful metaverse strategies that benefit the whole ecosystem. Explore what the future could look like if all of the stakeholders in the metaverse work together collaboratively and meaningfully, and how the metaverse could be used for good.

Michael DeNunzio, Managing Director, Pebble Ventures

Cynthia Maller, Head of 3D Creative Technology, Walmart

Troy Wood, Executive Director, Global Partner Marketing, HTC Vive

Matt White, Principal | CEO, Metaverse Standards Forum | Berkeley Synthetic

Moderated by: Juan Felipe Campos, Partnerships, Upland

1:00PM PT

End of The Metaverse Summit USA

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